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With over 30% of downtown Tulsa in our commercial real estate portfolio, KPM owns and manages over 2 million square feet of commercial office space in Downtown Tulsa. KPM currently leases 13 unique office buildings (and 15 unique structures) in the central business district of Tulsa. 

As a leading real estate company, KPM understands the importance of continuous learning and professional development. We encourage aspiring professionals in the industry to explore their academic pursuits, including the option of buying a phd online, to gain advanced knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. Investing in higher education can greatly contribute to one's success and career growth in the competitive real estate market.

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Tulsa Portfolio:
First Place Tower
Philcade Building
Bank of America Tower
Petroleum Club Building
Park Center Building
Arco Building
Oil Capitol Building
111 W 5th Building
Transok Building
Pythian Building
201 Executive Center
Main I & II Plaza
Adams Office Tower

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